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DLINE 50/25 D-profil white 1m
Detail image to D-LINE 50/25 D-profil
  • Easy to handle and fit
  • Self-adhesive backing
  • High-quality material/easy to trim
  • No more opening of walls
  • Allows routing of cables at a later time
  • Easy to open, engages easily and precisely when closed
  • Decorativ design
  • Rounded D-profile/no accumulation of dust
  • Can be painted
  • No bending and warping
  • UV-proof
  • Protected against water jets and dust (no ingression of dust at a vacuum of 20 mmbar) acc. to IP65 standard
  • Can be installed in bathroom, kitchen or outdoors
  • Temperature range -33°C to +60°C - >Flameproof
  • Can be easily routed, even in corners
  • Routing of T-connectors
Length:1 m
Short text:D-50/25 W 1x1m
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Product variants

D-LINE 50/25 D-profil
listimage of D-LINE 50/25 D-profil
D-50/25 B 1x1m
Length:1 m
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