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VIVANCO VR Glasses - Cardboard Viewer black
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Your entry into the virtual world. Whether 3D action game, virtual tour in New York, flights with Google Maps, a roller coaster ride or many other applications: Be right in the middle of the new trend.

Caution: Once tried, you always discover new exciting apps and video

  • Google Cardboard App
  • Youtube 3D Videos
  • Google Street View
  • View your panoramic photos
  • Create your own VR Videos by yourself

* Functionality depends on installed apps

Simple to use: Finished product, not a kit!
  • Install Google Cardboard app and lauch it
  • Follow the instructions from the app
  • Scan the QR code printed on glasses
  • Use Smartphone

  • For smartphones with accelerometers
  • For Android and iOS
  • For smartphone to a maximum of 15 x 8cm
  • Capacitive buttons
  • Lens diameter: 37mm
Short text:VR CB
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