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About us
The Vivanco Group AG
Vivanco offers its retail partners the ideal combination of high-quality products, efficient services, reliable partnerships and attractive conditions. As one of the leading vendors and as multi specialist for equipment and connection accessories in Europe, in terms of both the width and the breadth of its product lines, Vivanco is constantly facing market changes, such as continued digitalization, the development of wireless technologies and the miniaturization of products. The concept “Technology for Lifestyle” encompasses the Vivanco focus to drive their business and the market place forward whilst benefiting from new technologies.

Vivanco develops, procures and delivers high-quality accessories, calculated to match the market’s needs in the segments of Consumer Electronics, Information Technology and Telecommunications. In particular when it comes to developing attractive accessory products – different in terms of form, color and design – Vivanco is considered cutting-edge. The company covers the entire value chain: from the development of new products over logistics, marketing and distribution to sales mix support at the point of purchase – Vivanco offers high effectiveness and utmost competitiveness.
The product ranges are tuned towards the convergence of the technologies of tomorrow.
Consumer-Electronics Information-Technology Telecommunications
  • Digital Wireless Audio       
  • Babyfon
  • Headphones
  • Speaker
  • Remote controls
  • Microphones
  • Aerials
  • Mixers and control desks
  • Archiving
  • Digital photo accessories
  • Camcorder accessories
  • MP3 accessories
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Wall mounting
  • Audio-video accessories
  • Audio, video, aerial and TV-
    SAT  cable and adapters
  • PC-mice
  • Keyboards
  • PC-Audio
  • Multimedia
  • Archiving
  • PC Performance
  • Notebook accessories
  • Wireless LAN
  • PC connections
  • Tablet accessories
  • Mobile communication equipment
  • Mobile Lifestyle
  • Bluetooth
  • Telephone connections
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